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We are here because we believe passionately in ethically reared tasty pork.


We are small scale rare breed pig keepers who believe in quality care and quality meat.

It started as a fly away comment, a fun silly idea then never managed to disappear. Then after a couple of months we couldn't find any good reasons not to do it, so we just did it.

So here we are now with three rare breed Oxford Sandy and Black pigs heading toward becoming pork. We are already thinking of the next set of pigs and even being more adventurous and breeding these beautiful animals; the breed needs all the help it can get after all.

We have also looked at other rare breeds and it is likely that we will get at least one Large Black in the next set of weaners – watch this space (or the field if you’re local).

Where we go from here, we have lots of avenues that we could explore but we do know there is a lot of satisfaction and pleasure gained from bringing up these pigs.

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