The Breeds

All the breeds of pigs that we keep are traditional and classified as rare breeds and have only a small number of breeding sows in the world.

While exclusively keep Oxford Sandy & Black now we have kept Large Blacks in the past

Gallery of Pigs

Oxford Sandy and Black

Local breed originating from Oxfordshire the Oxford Sandy and Black (OSB) is well known as a docile, easy to keep pig; good for both pork and bacon.

Currently we have three OSB pigs which are heading for pork and bacon towards the end of February 2010.

Sandy and Black Pig Society

Large Black

Another rare breed, this one traditionally comes from Cornwall and is often known as the Cornish Black. A very good pig for pork and bacon and known for its excellent mothering tendancies.

We kept a couple of Large Blacks and they made for excelelnt pork but currently we plan to stick with the OSBs.

Large Black Pig Breeder Society


All our pigs are naturally reared out in the open; free range, well looked after and can be considered "better than organic".