We believe passionately in ethically reared and slaughtered meat – it’s good for the animal and good for the meat. Animals that are stressed release a chemical called cortisol that can taint the taste of the meat. At Heritage Pigs we send our pigs to slaughter locally with minimal stress so that you can be assured the great tasting pork you eat came from a happy pig.

The local butcher in the village, Patrick Strainge, does all the butchery of our pigs and will do cuts as requested. Patrick also makes all our sausages to his own recipes.


There are many cuts of pork including legs, shoulders, collars etc. and we can supply specific cuts of meat to you. However, you may wish to sample a wide range of cuts and in this instance you may wish to consider buying a half pig from us and asking your local butcher to joint it to your specifications.

Our pork can also be eaten at some great local pubs who really believe in great food and beer. The Red Lion at Cricklade is one such pub. Often have our pork on the menu, be sure to ask for it


We can supply you with Gammon steaks, Bacon joints, Back Bacon or Streaky Bacon – contact us for details and delivery times.


We can provide you with sausage meat for you to make your own sausages if you feel adventurous, or alternatively you may wish to purchase sausages from us made to local Bampton recipes by Patrick.


For enquiries about buying some rare breed pork, bacon and sausages please use the contacts page